Who We Are

January 12, 2017

BRAND IDENTITY: how every business wants to be perceived by consumers.

This is such an integral part of what we do at Kruhu. Helping our clients not only capture their identity visually, but also solidifying the personality, character, and positioning of the brand internally and externally is our bread and butter (and our passion) as a creative firm.

Unfortunately, at times, we at Kruhu face a bit of an identity crisis ourselves. Not so much internally (we definitely know we’re a goofy band of hard working weirdos) but it’s more of an external identity crisis. People often look at our social media personalities, our super dope website, and our cozy downtown office space and think that it’s all fun and games around these parts. While we do have a lot of fun while we work (we’re all best friends IRL), we also have a pretty serious side too – and we know when to turn up the heat to knock our work out of the park.

Our clients are the best around, and we’ve got clients that run the spectrum of job descriptions. From music festivals to international corporations, we work with businesses and entities of all sizes and shapes. We’re obsessed with all of our clients’ brands. Whether it’s a local eatery or a traditional medical practice, it is our goal on a daily basis to help bring out the best in the brand. While we do love a shot at a super unconventional print piece, we know there is a very important place in the world for the annual reports, informational print pieces, and direct mail and e-newsletters. No client is too small, and no client is too large…no client is too conventional and no client too wild. We love to serve as champions for our brands and get our hands dirty daily for the brands that we love.

Our design capabilities are not limited to posters and brochures, and our thinking is certainly not confined to any sort of box. While it is pretty widespread knowledge that our visual capabilities are well honed, some don’t realize that we can take your brand much further than what meets the eye. Our brains are constantly turning with ways to build your brand message and position. From creative consultation to clever copywriting and brand messaging – our strategists want nothing more than to see our clients come out on top. We love having the opportunity to help guide our clients – walking side-by-side with them into battle as they achieve brand success.

To our current clients, thank you for allowing us to delve into your brands and create magic on a daily basis. We are so fortunate for the opportunity to do what we are passionate about each and every day. To those who have always had questions about what exactly it is that we do (and what we can do), we’d love to have the chance to sit down with you and show you what Kruhu MindBru is all about!