A Closer Look: The Walton Award

February 27, 2017


Last summer, Cindy Wilkinson of AP Wealth Management approached the Kru to be part of a special project. They were in need of a classic logo that would be relevant year-in and year-out as their award continued to grow into an annual presentation. The logo needed to be easily replicated and a launching point for the artists who would be creating a unique sculpture to present to the winners of the award.

Enter George + Dorothy Walton – a couple of the American Revolution, whose relentless efforts and generous service left a lasting mark on the state of Georgia and, more locally, the Augusta-area (shout-out to Walton Way + ARC). They were life-long public servants who humbly helped their community, seeking no recognition or praise.

The Walton Award is to be presented annually to an Augusta-area couple who exemplify the legacy and values of George and Dorothy Walton – to recognize a lifestyle of community service, selflessness, hospitality, courage, and patriotism.

Our task was to create a simple and timeless mark – to serve as a symbolic foundational shelf for the physical piece without limiting the artistry of the award, that would be uniquely crafted by local artists every year. The icon was designed with the likenesses of George + Dorothy’s silhouettes – woven together and encased by the letter W – a graphical representation of the seamless teamwork that was left by the Walton’s legacy. Travis and Dawn Wiggins sculpted the award, and it was a treat to see the finished logo embossed into the side.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the award, Linda + Steve Cutcliffe. Thank you to Cindy Wilkinson and AP Wealth Management for trusting us with this logo and legacy—we were honored to have a hand in the inaugural presentation!