Kru Holiday Traditions

December 24, 2016


For most of us (besides Lauren), the holidays feel a bit different when you’re an adult. The magic and mystery has faded a little. Your wishlist consists of super exciting items like “phone bill, new tires, and a spatula”. Your to-do list has grown well past “leave out milk & cookies for Santa”. However, there are some traditions that grow with you and that’s what makes the season so special! Check out what puts the jingle in the Kru’s holiday celebrations:

“One of our favorite Christmas traditions is celebrating Christmas Adam — it’s the day before Christmas Eve. On that day, my wife and I take our three children out shopping so they can pick out gifts for each other. Then we all go home so they can wrap the gifts and exchange that night. Oh what fun!”

“For as long as I can remember, my Mom’s side of the family has came together every Christmas Eve to celebrate. All the cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandparents, and great grandparents eat, laugh, play games, and open presents together. When we were younger, the kids would get anxious after a few bites of food to start opening presents (who am I kidding – we still do). When all the presents were passed out, we would count to three and paper would start flying. It’s still just as fun celebrating with my family as it was when I was a kid. Through the years we’ve lost some family members and gained a few through marriage – we even have some little babies running around now. But over 23 years later, we all still get together on Christmas Eve and have the most wonderful time of the year.”

“So I’m still planning to spend Christmas Eve night at my dad’s this year – it’s my favorite tradition. My dad still refuses to admit that he’s the one who puts out the presents every year and not Santa… Since we have multiple houses to hit all in one day – every Christmas morning my sister and I wake up super early and have to wait before we can all go drink coffee and open presents together. After presents, we hand out stockings to each other. Our dog Sandy opens her’s first (we have to help her a little of course) and there’s always a new toy squirrel in there and she’s always surprised.”

“Every day of the year my brother would be up with the sun… except for Christmas (which was the one day I would be up early). Once he was up, we would stick our fingers under my parents bedroom door and act like wild animals. They would finally acknowledge us and then proceed to take the longest.showers.ever! Then dad had to have one cup of coffee before we were released into the living room to see what Santa had brought. After that, we stuffed ourselves with sausage balls and then hit the road for more presents and delicious food with the extended fam. These days, my husband and I feel like we are reenacting the movie, Four Christmases, but some things haven’t changed. My brother and I still act really goofy about opening presents (no normal photos exist) and I still eat my weight in sausage balls.”

“Since becoming an adult, many of our childhood traditions have adjusted accordingly. My favorite childhood tradition that still carries on today is that each Christmas Eve, my mom cooks a huge festive dinner before midnight church. Usually, it’s something not-so-traditional like an Italian feast (for the record, we aren’t Italian) and this year, I believe we are having a Mexican Fiesta! My favorite new(er) tradition is the Christmas Adam Extravaganza that is hosted by myself and my sister-in-law. We switch houses each year, and invite our family and friends over for a party on December 23rd (Christmas Adam). After the party, we have a slumber party, then wake up and brunch, watch Christmas movies, and open our sibling gifts! It’s a great way to kick off the long-Christmas holiday celebration!”

“We don’t really have any untraditional traditions. But this year we are welcoming a baby boy into the world so I imagine that will take over most of the holiday plans. Next year we can start new traditions with our son.”

“I feel like we never really had a consistent tradition growing up. BUT, I always remember waking up and waiting to go in the living room on Christmas morning to see what was waiting. My parents liked to drag out the excitement, and we would always take a break to eat breakfast….which honestly wasn’t that enjoyable because I didn’t care much about the food (obviously a lot has changed). Nowadays the whole family comes together and eats, drinks nice wines, and crosses items off each other’s wish lists.”