February 7, 2017

Can your brand adapt to the market like a swift wide receiver? Do you have an iron clad advertising playbook? These days, the Super Bowl and big-budget commercials go together like chips and dip. Companies are spending around $5 million per thirty seconds to advertise during the nation’s largest sporting event – basically, the stakes couldn’t be higher! Brands have to break through the roar of the crowd using creative genius and clever artistry to create a buzz that will really put some points on the board. The KRU huddled together to decide which campaigns were total touchdowns.

ALL TIME: “The lovely and fowl-mouthed Anna Kendrick”
2017: “Skittles ads always make me chuckle”

ALL TIME: “The Force”
2017: “The Power of Dreams”

ALL TIME: “Because, I can’t say no to a puppy (or a Clydesdale) EVER.”
2017: “Because, I can’t say no to JUSTIN!!!!!!”

ALL TIME: “Bridgestone making vids of animals screaming before it was cool.”
2017: “Audi helping people understand that this is still a problem in 2017.”

ALL TIME: “Never gets old”
2017: “Halloween is gonna be sick”

ALL TIME: “this one is the best”
2017: “ok i like this one”