Red Clay Music Sampler

December 1, 2011

Every so often, one of our clients needs to give a gift package to some folks — sponsors, supporters, VIPs of some sort.  Giving this ensures the recipient feels welcomed and wowed, a part of something big, worthwhile. For one such package presented to VIPs at the NCAA Division II Soccer Tournament, Kru member Chris put together a little CD called the Red Clay Georgia Music Sampler.


This CD cover had a heap of artistry go into it. The red circle, for instance, Chris created from a mason jar lid taped and impressed in red paint. The lettering was hand-applied to each CD and the ink-antiqued corners were individually applied as well.

The textured surface on front came from a paintbrush-slathered hodgepodge and the wood-grain texture on the back was made from a stamp. These CD covers have distinction, with their own character and downhome feel.

And that’s the purpose of these kinds of gift packages, right? Giving the feeling of ‘welcome.’

Thanks for giving Georgia the opportunity to host the Division II Soccer Championship in 2012, NCAA. We look forward to welcoming you to the South. Sit a spell, and have a listen.