Food for Thought

November 23, 2016



As we go into Thanksgiving, I would like to express how thankful I am to work with such great people! All of these delicious delightful individuals make up the perfect meal team! Oh man, is anyone else getting hungry? Like for pie? Intern Brooke is kind of like pie… she’s sweet and it’s a treat when she comes to the office in the afternoons. Speaking of treats, how about sweet potato casserole! Now I know there is some debate about sweet potato casserole, but its smooth, full of cinnamon goodness, and sometimes nutty… like Lindsay Waddell! Simply put, if you don’t like it there is probably something wrong with you! The same goes for cranberry sauce. Christy is like cranberry sauce… she is sweet, tangy and there is nothing canned about her creative approach! Okay now I’m really on a roll (get it?).

The whole Kru really works together to give you that warm satisfaction feeling just like a big Thanksgiving meal! Lindsay Jacobs mixes it up with promotional sales to make sure the dressing isn’t crumby. Lauren brings a lovable, classic approach to her designs like steamy mashed potatoes. I guess that makes me (Ariane) the greens, as in, I’m good for your (mental) health! Oz’s smooth programming is the homemade gravy keeping us all together. And finally….Chris, the turkey, aka Boss of Thanksgiving! He is the most important and essential component. The rest of us sides couldn’t do it without his leadership! That’s enough of me gobbling on about how awesome the Kru is. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!