Summer ’17

September 5, 2017

Love it or hate it, when the weather gets hotter and the days get longer, it can only mean one thing—summer is in full swing! Typically, summer is a laid back season full of fun, vacations, and time to relax. Around these parts, while there is a good bit of that, there is also an unrelenting drive to build our business, grow (internally + externally), and continue to provide our clients with top-notch products every day. Although business was rockin’ and we kept rollin’ at 1242, here’s a peek inside what each Kru member’s summer looked like:



Aside from the daily mindgrind, Chris focused a lot on the internal and cultural messaging for Kruhu. Business development was at the forefront of every day this summer, and helping the Kru to capture our true identity was top of mind.

It wasn’t all hard work this summer. Chris also took some road trips to Athens with his family and to the mountains of North Kakalaka with friends. There was also the annual beach trip with the family that brought about some much needed R and R. Getting mooned by the sun was a fun/unique/trippy experience for the entire Kru, and the sweet t-shirt design was a hit! His summer wrapped up with the opportunity to design a shirt (and hand deliver it!!!) to his favorite comedian, Brian Regan.




The big news of Natalie’s summer centered around a jump into the crazy world of the Kru. Since taking the reins of business development, Natalie has been hard at work meeting with new faces and helping to bring the Kru to the businesses of the CSRA (and beyond).

Before the big professional move, Natalie was enjoying the flexibility of the long lazy summer days. She loved spending time at the pool with her family and friends and just saying no to those normal (hectic) schedules. She enjoyed lots of family time during vacations to the beach and the mountains.

Although the extra togetherness during the summer is fun for a while, Natalie is excited to have sent the boys back to school and resume some regularly scheduled and structured activities. Fall is a time to try new things and experience new growth, and Natalie is excited to keep things rollin’ at the Kru!



Christy spent her summer exploring her artistic side painting and shooting with her two new cameras. She had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful bohemian wedding in Downtown Augusta and travelled to Nashville to shoot in an awe-inspiring and unique converted victorian mansion. You can even see some of her work this month at Wolf & Finch’s Art Show!

Along with a trip to Nashville, Christy celebrated the 4th of July in Maine with her best friends. They visited Bar Harbor, hiked Acadia National Park, and sailed for the first time. Tons of lobster and gas station whoopie pies were had by all.

Christy has spent the past year honing her derby skills and spent a ton of time on her wheels this summer. She competed in her first home bout at Low Down Throw Down (and was so hard core, she even fouled out).




Summer kicked off for Dub with a series of First Friday concerts, where her inner 13 year old self was freaking out during a meet and greet with Aaron Carter, AJR, and Bebe Rexha. Of course there was the annual smattering of summertime weddings, and reuniting with old friends in fun locales including Savannah and Covington. The highlight of her summer was a 5th anniversary trip to Italy that included the cities Florence, Bologna, Rome, Naples, and Capri. The sites were incredible and the food (and wine) was plentiful.

Summer continued with a double-slip n’ slide-birthday party for her and her husband, a trip to Hilton Head Island with friends, and another birthday party, this time for her pup Ellie. Summer is being capped off this week by a trip to Chicago to watch the Dawgs play in South Bend and visit with Touchdown Jesus.



Lauren swears she had the most boring summer of her life, although settling into a super trendy downtown spot seems pretty rad.  When she wasn’t settling into her new digs, she was vacationing with her family in Dirty Myrtle, traveling, and experimenting with lots of new artistic styles and mediums.

Her travels included trips to Chattanooga to see her bf, Nashville for a photoshoot and yummy food, and Atlanta to watch Atlanta United dominate their inaugural year in the MLS.

The rest of her summer included lots of Netflix (and watching her beloved Vampire Diaries for a third time) and art projects.



Bay spent the majority of her summer getting acclimated to her new home in Augusta, and trying to adjust to the oppressive heat!  She spent her First Friday’s downtown with friends jamming to some sweet beats, and  spent some weekends up in her last home, Charlotte, getting into the usual shenanigans.

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament in Beaufort, NC is a family tradition, and although there are lots of boats involved, they didn’t fish one bit.  She also spent a lot of time on the water with her family up at Smith Mountain Lake. As it turns out, Bay spent the majority of her summer on the water, and started August off with a trip to Hilton Head Island.  Her summer ended with a fun reunion wedding for an old friend in beautiful North Carolina.



Surprisingly, Oz did not spend this summer slap boxing with Tibetan monks. Instead, he spent alot of time discovering new software versions of vintage synthesizers and creating a script that assists in giving organization to Youtube channels and playlists on Android TV boxes. He spent some time on the road visiting family in Louisiana and Florida, and helping friends update/customize their Android TV boxes. When he was home, he watched the biopic of 2Pac and repaired a lawn mower for the first time.