Stock Photo Gold

September 6, 2013

In our day-to-day shuffle, we use a lot of stock photos. While searching for the perfect photo, we sometimes stumble upon a rare jewel that we feel must be shared with everyone in the office immediately. This usually leads to insane laughter and sometimes even the rare gasp. Since we love this little game so much, we thought we’d share it with you. The following photos are the best of the best. Some make us laugh while others make us shake our heads in disbelief. Enjoy:

Title: Clown is traveling with suitcase and balloons
When Chris saw this, he really just wanted to know, “what exactly happened during this shoot for this photo to ensue?”



Title: Image of a muscular man posing on the rocks
Alexis particularly liked the manly rock pose paired with the delightful checker print banana hammock.



Title: Two young girlfriends eat pizza at home
Oz just has a thing for people who look miserable after eating a bunch of junk food.



Title: Recycling plastic bottles
We all know what this couple is doing and it ain’t recycling. Christy thinks the creepy guy should just chill out: “ummm she’s clearly busy improving the environment and has no time to make-out with you sir.”
PS: Where are their legs?



Title: Pair lad and girl in bright dance suit in studio
Julia says that she’s not only a fan of this couple’s leotards, but she also loves how each of them are looking in opposite directions. Betcha didn’t notice those sweet goggles.



Title: Senior woman wearing hat and smoking cigar. Cool and hip looking.
Nathan is a fan of ‘Sassy Grandma Lady.’ He browses her photo collection frequently. If you’re as surprised as we were that more of these gems exist, check it out for yourself here. There’s over 150 photos of this spicy granny.



Title: Are you talking to me
Everybody loves a good ol’ pregnant stock photo right? Well Mandi does. You can find this one under Gangsta RapHip HopHooligan, or even Belly Button.



Title: Infant adult man in diaper holding teddy bear
Lindsay says this one creeps her out and makes her think of that weird adult/baby fetish. We just can’t stop staring at that cute teddy bear.