Show + Tell

February 1, 2017

Every now and again, someone will approach the KRU with the opportunity for us to drop some science on a captive audience. We jump at the chance, since we find it fascinating that anyone would actually want to come and listen to what we have to say! We were recently asked to talk brand with the members at the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce. While many were probably lured in by the prospect of free food, it was a stellar group who ended up being super engaged and willing to really hear and digest more than just sandwiches and pickle spears.

While it may not be in everyone’s wheelhouse to get up in front of 100 eyeballs staring up anxiously, the KRU really stepped up to the plate and made the most of the opportunity to help these brands figure out how to navigate this crazy marketplace, and how to really stand out. Whether it be just as an inspiration to continue carrying the torch for their brand on a daily basis or a revelation that changes need to be made, we hope that by the end of it all, we were able to impact the brands that were represented in some way.

Major props to Blair at the Chamber for giving us the platform to talk with these brands, to see some familiar faces, and make new connections!