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Your brand is sturdy, standing like a fortress. Linebackers bounce off of it. Earthquakes tickle it. A meteor fell on it one day, and the beams barely shook. But how does it look? How do people view it? Identity is the visual expression of your brand.

We know what looks excellent and true. Identity is the wardrobe of your idea, and we’ve picked out all the best outfits. We dress your brand in the finest interior, the most significant and alluring logos, collateral, design – it’s our joy to do so as artists. In our opinion, the strongest brand requests the strongest visualization.

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We lay the foundation. We smooth the concrete out. We raise the steel-beam frame, rivet it together from top to bottom – this is the essence of a brand, the support structure for your idea. And we make sure it stands at its sturdiest.

From large-scale campaigns to the any-sized business venture, we work with you to build a brand that could scrape the sky, withstand the elements, and protect your idea. And it’s our desire to protect what protects your idea: we go above and beyond to ensure your brand continues to thrive by discussing best practices, providing guidelines to keep your brand on track, and working with you to keep the identity surrounding your brand top-notch.

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Your idea has power and license to go anywhere it could want. Know where your idea should go first, though? Or the best routes for it to take? We are the driver’s side GPS of creative maneuvering: let us steer your idea down every good road. Let us help you avoid unnecessary traffic.

Every good solution is custom. The best strategy is the one that maps out all possibilities, all turns and winds, every fork and on-ramp your idea could take.

Good strategy, then, is a roadmap of good solutions in succession. It’s our joy, as strategists, to provide this succession.

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This is the interior decoration of your identity, the ever-open canvas and wallpaper of your idea. This is why you’ll want to move into your idea and live there – our ability to create a visual significance out of it all.

We breathe graphic design. Our hands and hearts speak it fluently. We are artists and designers charged with the desire to make your idea seen. Whatever the project, whatever the idea, whatever the medium, Kruhu performs with all creativity valves open: we’re in the trench, digging hard and deep to define your idea with maximum ocular oomph.

We want it to be seen well.

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The web knows who you are. Search engines find your idea without so much as breaking a sweat. But do you like how you look to the web? Let’s match up the knowing with the liking.

We design beautiful, highly functional web content to the wildest specifications of the imagination: websites, web apps, or alternative web creations. Our team presents the Internet with your idea in its best form, fully formed.

We don’t simply want your idea to interact with its intended audience on the web; we want the intended audience to want to interact with your idea on the web.

View Non-Traditional Projects

We’ve constructed everything from fake trees to giant newspaper stands, puppets to metal desks. We’ve mailed rubber chickens.

We’ve built bars. We’ve stretched canvas on a number of custom-built wood frames. Whatever your idea needs to succeed, we’ll take it on. We’ll take it on in a heartbeat.

There’s too much to list. So let’s not tell you. Let’s show you.