Play it Forward

October 17, 2013

Country superstar Luke Bryan performed last night at an invitation-only fundraising concert at Augusta’s Enterprise Mill. For this Exclusive Benefit Show, Kruhu was tasked with creating an awesome invite that no one could ignore.

This project required maximum visual impact to evoke excitement and exclusivity in a extremely short design and production timeframe. The primary function was to invite an exclusive group of the philanthropic community to rally around the mission of giving to the Camp Lakeside campaign.

The typical approach would be to design a traditional bi-fold card, but given the ticket exclusivity and intimate setting of the concert, we felt that having a dynamic, kinetic function would be the best direction.

Working with the narrow timeline, we thought that having a ‘gig-poster’ could be a great way to promote the event while leave a lasting impression that could even be used as a keepsake or souvenir.

After researching various ways of folding large printed pieces into something conducive to traditional mailing we discovered the perfect solution: the twist fold. Not only could we design a fun, informative, and engaging invite, but we could also create a reactionary piece by simply utilizing unconventional folding – all within maintaining a quick turnaround. The fold even provided the perfect pocket to include a personal message from the partnering sponsors.

The event was a major success, helping The Children’s Hospital of Georgia and the Family Y raise over $100,000 with portions going towards building a new pediatric disabilities branch at Camp Lakeside.