New Kid on the 1200 Block

October 11, 2016


That’s right, you may have heard that the Kru has grown in the past few weeks! I’m the new Executive Assistant and so far my first month has been…. well…. AWESOME! The Kru has been very helpful in getting me acclimated to life in Augusta. On my second day, Lauren brought in a popcorn machine for the office so we can keep the crazy creative train fueled and chugging along all day. How cool is that?! And the fridge is always stocked with sparkling water (to match everyone’s sparkling personalities). ♡

On Wednesday afternoons, we get together for MicroBru – a group activity (led by someone new each week) that fosters brainstorming, innovation, and thinking outside the box. For my first experience, let’s just say I went home with cookie crumbs in my eyebrows and marshmallow dust on my pants. The second week, I was tasked with leading. I used this opportunity to get to know everyone better through a few probing questions about their childhoods and a round of ‘Would You Rather’. I’ve realized I need to step my game up for next time because this past week Oz had us bru up some rap lyrics to express what Kruhu is all about. And then, a rap battle commenced!


I don’t want to give you the impression that it’s all fun and games here…but yeah, it’s FUN. Now that we are getting into the fall season, the workload has increased. We’re getting everyone in the giving spirit with our new holiday gift promotional campaign and with new requests coming in daily, we will have plenty of exciting challenges to keep us busy!