Meet Brooke + Sean

August 29, 2016


brookeBrooke keeps on her toes, between student work, eating healthy and staying consciously active with workout routines. Her unique style and insight brings creative balance and eccentric ideology together. Behind the fashionable blur, are keen senses ready to explore and create to the umpteenth degree.

Besides keeping the KRUHU office vibrant, Brooke passionately blends the elements of new-age/urban design so well you’ll forget you are looking into the eyes of a puppy. Usually found in a pair of sneakers, there is no hesitation to move a project to the finish line. Meet Brooke, born almost two decades after the first moon launch, if present in the 60’s the trajectory of the first flight would’ve landed Apollo 11 on Pluto.

sSean is inspired by all things creative, from awesome websites to abstract art.

His first creative adventures were in visual art. He would spend hours drawing his favorite characters from video games and comic books. Some of his earliest memories are of being mesmerized by the music in his favorite cartoons. (In fact, he’s pretty sure that Tom & Jerry is the reason he loves classical music and jazz.)

Being a gamer from a young age, he naturally gravitated towards learning how to work with computers. In the days of MySpace, he had his first web development adventures with HTML and CSS. Sometime after building his first PC, he decided to go to school for programming. Since diving into web development, he’s become obsessed with making things that are visually appealing as well as functional and easy-to-use. He’s currently making his way through the ethereal space between design and development.