Masters of Swag

March 6, 2017

The air is getting warmer, the ground is turning yellow, and the azaleas are abloom – there’s an undeniable buzz around town as Augusta prepares itself for an influx of golf fans from around the world.

Tournament week brings with it patrons from around the world…people who may even be experiencing our humble city for the first time. We at the Kru appreciate all things that Augusta has to offer this time of year (and all year for that matter), and we’d love to share with you something that can help you (or your guests) make a great memory for their time here.

Some you may know, we have another arm to our business…a side hustle if you will. Land of Thee is a company born out of opportunity – seeking to fill a void in the marketplace for some really cool, Augusta (and regionally) themed t-shirts. We have the capability to design in-house, and we have the capability to print in-house, so why not put those two things to good use and bring Augustans and visitors alike something they can be proud to wear. Our hand-crafted designs represent the ground we walk on, and our home!

This time of year is especially busy for Land of Thee, since many of our designs are so uniquely Augusta, and Augusta takes center stage in the spring. We encourage you to take a look at our designs and spread the love to a lifelong-local or someone who may be visiting for the first time. Let us tell you our favs:

Ariane: “Killer Pillar! It’s dark, superstitious, and has a rich history…just how I like my t-shirts!”

Chris: “Seb Moe Six, taken from my Dad’s thick ‘Augustan Accent’—as a kid that’s how I interpreted my phone number—Seb Moe Six-Eight Six Oh-Oprah Winfrey.”

Christy: “Blue Ridge—reminds me of camping in the mountains.”

Oz: “Birds of a Feather, because I think Native American symbols are the coolest.”

Lauren: “Vintage Garden City—classic vintage style with the dopest type treatment!”

Lindsay: “It’s such a toss up for me between Don’t Dis Gusta and Peace-Love-Pimento Cheese. As a native Augustan, I was totally guilty of calling Augusta ‘Disgusta’ growing up, so that one holds a special place in my heart! But also, I’m a pimento-cheese-aholic (fave part of Master’s Sunday)…so that shirt was made for me.”

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