Love of the Land

November 29, 2011

Some folks are eager to step out of our city, some people feel like they are stuck in Augusta. We feel differently. We have generations of family here, so we see Augusta as our stomping grounds and it always will be. Our trenches are dug here, so we don’t see moving the Kruhu machine to a bigger city for the “opportunity” that some say may be waiting in the wings.

Opportunity is all around us. We open the doors of opportunity in many other cities right here from Greene Street. If you work hard, dedicate yourself to your craft and treat people with respect – You’ll be surprised what may come your way.

With that being said, when Lady A returned to home, we wanted to tip our hats to their successes with some eye-blazin new artwork for their show and the dedication of the amphitheater. Homegrown to homegrown.