Loft Tour 2015

May 6, 2015


When Historic Augusta asked us to design the 2015 Loft Tour Art and be ON THE TOUR – we were stoked! Though our building does not currently have lofts upstairs, we have done quite a bit to transform the space from a dark and dreary lawn mower repair shop to the KRU-worthy creative space it is today.

We have been in our new space (1242 Broad Street) for over a year, but the Loft Tour gave us the push we needed to tackle the last few looming projects before the big day.

Step 01: Utilize the blank wall in our conference room. It only took a couple coats of special paint and a roll of blue painter’s tape to create a much needed brain-storm area dry erase board.

Step 02: Unmask the front windows. We decided on displays reflecting #MindBru and our sub-brand: Land of Thee.

Step 03: Update the nook. Thanks to a couple of old pallets, string lights, recycled burlap and shirt scraps – we now have the perfect spot to get some inspiration (or some zzz’s).

And we couldn’t welcome our guests without a decanter of home-made peach sangria and hand-printed tees! Big thanks to everyone who came out!