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Oz bathes himself in mysteries. Which mysteries? All of them. Don't question it. That's his job.

Oz is our resident web-swami, code-revealer, and practitioner of the art of questioning. He composes code as though it were a simple math, a song -- hyperfocused, Oz desires to know no programming language too difficult or cacophonous that his steadfast mind might orchestrate it into all usefulness for our clients. Oz will orchestrate the programming languages into a music: glorious websites, custom web applications, and alternative web solutions will be each sung true and beautiful by a choir of web browsers. Oz's mind and spirit drive solidly for this. Making our clients' ideas and the internet harmonize together is his biggest push.

Before coming to the Kru, Oz worked as a mild-mannered physicist -- his resume mentions something about government time-travel experiments. The Kru doesn't know much more about Oz's origin than that; and yet, Oz often waxes scientific about strange goings-on from his days gone by, something about cold fusion experiments near Kentucky, something about the validity of The Force, something about military cyborg tennis players without fear, etc., all government-funded and hush-hush. We try not to pry.

Meet Oz, mystery man programmer, genius, and walking MIND BRU wikipedia. His dual screens scream code and complexity.
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