Kru-Intern Adventures

September 23, 2013

Intern Sarah Harpring has made her way back to the University of South Carolina (shoutout to inappropriate school mascots) to complete her senior year. Remember when you were a senior in college? I don’t remember all that much of mine, but I digress.

Sarah was a fixture in our office this summer, and we gave her an all-access look into how a marketing firm functions day-to-day. She spent time shadowing the graphic design team, the programming team and of course, the project management and account rep folks. For a hands-on challenge, we gave Sarah a chance to design a logo for a graduate student’s school project. She met the challenge with excitement and enthusiasm, and participated in every aspect – from brainstorming the concept to the client presentation meeting.

It’s our hope that Sarah returned to college with a bit more ‘real world knowledge. And that she lives these last two semesters up, because let’s face it – after your senior year of college, going out in public in your pajamas to get a Krystal Burger is slightly frowned upon.

We asked Sarah a few questions about what her intern experience was like, and this is what she said:

My time at Kruhu was quite an experience. From learning tricks on the print side to hearing the web guys speak a different language, there was never a dull moment at the office. The work place environment was very chill and fun, which was great!

1. Why did you want to intern at Kruhu?

Out of my options of places to intern this summer, Kruhu had the most to offer in terms of the experience I wanted as well as a fun environment.

2.  What were you surprised to learn?
I was surprised to have the experience of working with a (student) client, from creating the logo to meeting with them to present the finished product. I also enjoyed seeing the process that is behind stop motion. So much work goes into creating such a short video. Oh and moving the tree, ferris wheel, and curtain in the video was pretty cool…someone’s got to do it.
3.  What was the most fun part of your internship with the Kru?
Seeing all the interactions of the Kru, there’s always something entertaining going on!
4.  Name your favorite office fixture:
Do the poster walls count?
5.  When you weren’t hanging with the Kru, what were you up to this summer?
Ballroom dancing, hanging with my family, dancing, hanging with friends…oh, and dancing of course.
6.  Tell us how you think this internship will benefit you in the future.
I got to see just how much work goes into different projects. If you love what you have done and the client doesn’t, you have to make them happy even if you don’t care for the end result; the client is always right.
7.  What do you want to be when you grow up?
A graphic designer!
8.  A book everyone should read: ____________
Mumford and Sons’ lyric booklet
9.  The Kru would say I’m _______ and ________ (two words)
a dancer and a dancer
10.  True or False:  Kruhu is the best marketing firm in the world.
I’ll answer with this, True or False: Sarah is the best intern in the world.