Kidder the Cat

May 23, 2017

If you’ve been following us @kruhu – you may have noticed that we have a new furry creature running around our office!

Official Name: Kidder AKA Kitty AKA Cat (but she doesn’t answer to anything really…)

Birthdate: Halloween-ish ’16

Weight: about 2-3 potatoes

Height: 6” Stiletto

Fur Color: Dark Roast Coffee

Eye Color: Electric Pickle

Hobbies: Sunbathing in the window, people watching, sad-meowing for food, exploring parts
of the office she shouldn’t go, and sleeping…. so much sleeping

Origin Story: Twas the eve of Cinco de Mayo… a storm was brewing, and our fearless leader, Chris, was returning from a downtown dinner celebration with his fam. He and his sons were braving the elements while they let the ladies ride back in the car. When they all met up, the ladies had a surprise! It was a teeny, tiny black kitten who they rescued from under a bush. She was very skinny and had no collar. Chris already has two cats at home and this new addition was not met with enthusiasm. So when the Kru showed up to work on Friday, we had a surprise waiting for us!

Our first day with kitty was mostly spent debating whether or not it was a “he” or “she” and what we were going to name it. We started a list of names… a long list. A week passed and despite a trip to the vet to determine IT’S A HEALTHY LITTLE GIRL, we have yet to settle on a name. But it’s not for lack of ideas:

CHRIS » SMACK: The Cat / Kidder / Macho Llama / Dude / Peabo Bryson

OZ » Cat Lass / Panthra / Ninja Gaiden / Cool Cat / Felina

CHRISTY » Cat Daddy / Peter Kriss / Dr. Sneaky / Bon Bon / Street Rat

ARIANE » Grizabella / Kiki / Sushi / Bean / Lola

LAUREN » Lizard (Lizzy) / Noodle / Toast / Pumpkin / Moonpie

BAY » Elphie (Elphaba) / Fiona Goode / Princess Lea / Stevie Nicks / Jovi (Short for Bon Jovi)

LINDSAY » Cat Benatar / Joan Jett / Cupcake / Nacho / Cyndi Pawper