Spam I Am

January 5, 2011

Kruhu just finished up a puppet job downtown and I wanted share a little bit of the process.

The hip folks at IPswitch contacted us to give a twist to expressing what there IMail Server does regarding spam. We wrote a script that included the technical data that needed to be expressed and presented a couple sketches of a crazy way to present it.

The entire process took a little time, but we love getting our hands dirty, using drills, painting stuff (not walls) and this time some casting. The main character Phil was sculpted down to the details of his calculator watch and he wore a kids shirt. Phil was big puppet and would play the lead role as the overly brilliant IMail Server representative. The other strange figure was Spam, which is some pale guy that lives in a bat cave and thrives on disguising himself in order to convince the viewer.

Spam was built as a still and knowing that we would need more spams, we cast his face and painted them all to match one another. The outfits for Spam were built by the amazing local seamstress Cynthia Van Kleeck and our intern John Robeson helped film and worked vigorously on the backgrounds mastering the hot glue gun. All of the images-on-the-run were shot via an older iphone – the quality is – ground breaking…sigh.


The final product is below followed by outtakes that make the long days worth working for.