I Know What Kru Did This Summer

September 4, 2016

This summer has been a busy one for the Kru, and times they are a changin’ down at 1242 Broad. As we roll into a fall full of football, cooler weather (maybe?), and all things pumpkin, we thought you might like to know what we’ve been up to.

Our summer started off with our favorite tradition: Papa Joe’s Banjo-B-Que Music Festival – where we got to sling merch, savor award-winning barbeque, and see an the incredible line-up of bands that included Willie Nelson and Old Crow Medicine Show. Through festival key art, immersive event signage, all things digital (and even some puppeteering) – we always appreciate this opportunity to celebrate Bluegrass + BBQ + Papa Joe.


It’s never a dull moment here, and the dog days of summer proved to be as active as ever. We rocked steady through June and July, working hard with our current clients and adding some new ones to the mix. Logos were created, brands were launched – the excitement and energy in the studio was at an all-time high. We even welcomed two new interns (and possibly scared them a little).

We added a branch to our business that we’ve only dabbled in throughout the years. So we are pleased to announce that we can now keep our client’s brands flourishing and top-of-mind with any and all promotional needs. Call us your friendly promosapiens…Capn’ Swaggalicious Lindsay Jacobs has officially moved into the role of Promo Warrior. She’s ready and willing to be your Accessory to the Win.

As we moved into August, we had the chance to see (and taste) one of our beloved brands! Omaha Brewing Company paid us a visit to help celebrate Chris’ birthday with a tasting of their newest beers and some real-life samples of their packaging (OBC now available at select local restaurants FYI). Omaha Brewing Co. even joined in the fun (as did we with Land of Thee) at another one of our favorite events: Beer Fest ’16.


arianeOur Kru recently expanded +1 with the addition of our bomb new Executive Assistant: Ariane Daugherty, who will be the friendly voice you hear on the other end of the Kru-phone starting this fall. Ariane hails from Crossville, TN – she + hubby have recently relocated to the A-U-G. We’re so pumped to get her in here and show her the ropes around the city we love so much.

As for the rest of the Kru, our summers were pretty eventful. Work hard, play hard is a battle cry around here – so here’s how everyone spent their summer days (when they weren’t workin’ hard):

Bossman Chris spent the majority of his summer working, working, working, but he did have a little bit of time to have some out-of-office-fun in between. Banjo-B-Que was a highlight and he loved living out his rock n’ roll fantasies. He also got a chance to hit up the Atlanta Food + Wine Festival with VIP treatment, and play the Augusta National Golf Club. Swanky. His family had some quality bonding time while they chased waterfalls in the mountains of Tennessee, and saw the world’s largest (and most bizarre) tree house. Although Chris spent a good bit of time at the office this summer, he kept the entire office laughing with his discovery of the Skull Trumpet.



Christy was a well traveled Kru member this summer and enjoyed trips to Chicago, North Carolina, and Washington DC. While exploring Chi-town, she got her first taste of greatness that is the world-famous Chicago dog and swam in Lake Michigan. She got to experience the Smithsonian in DC, and had the opportunity to see The Cure live in Atlanta (making her life complete). She and fiancé David hiked Hawksbill Mountain in NC to see the sunrise and take some romantic photos. Christy is our fierce roller derby chick, and this summer, she passed all of her assessments. She moved into a new loft downtown (so now she can skate to work) and even fostered some baby kittens until they were able to find their forever homes (so long Thackery + Binx).


LJ was pumped to get started in her new Promo Warrior position this summer, and has enjoyed the challenges and new opportunities that the job entails. When she wasn’t busy tackling her new to-do list, Lindsay was hanging with her family around town. Her parents came all the way from Kentucky (Lindsay’s home state) for a nice, long visit and they enjoyed exploring the A-U-G. Her son Xavier got his first hair cut, and got to splash around on the splash pad for the first time. Lindsay enjoyed the Saturday Market most weekends and even flipped around at her first aerial yoga class.


L-Dub spent a lot of time on the water this summer…in the pool, on the lake, and on the river kayaking with friends. Her house got an extreme yard makeover and is now ready for the fall football get-togethers. She and her husband attended multiple weddings across the state and had the chance to reunite with friends from all stages/walks of life. L-Dub spent alot of time watching the Olympics, and even hosted her very own competitive event of her own (Beer’lympics). The summer also brought with it birthdays, Netflix binges, brunches, and lots of puppy cuddles. Lindsay made multiple trips to the Classic City (Athens), the mountains, and is currently frolicking in the jungles of Costa Rica.


Lauren spent her summer chasing Pokémon and riding roller coasters at Carowinds. When she wasn’t feeling the Fury with her friends, she was spending some QT with her family at the beach, and marrying off her sister (+ gaining an awesome new brother). She and her dad ran the Color Run, and managed to not die. She made many trips up to Chatt-town, TN and even managed safely escape an escapable room. Lauren also got a little saucy with her hair (aka chopped + a DIY ombré) but fear not, it looks fab! And like most of the Kru, Lauren partook in Stranger Things and many other binge-worthy Netflix hits.


Oz went slap boxing with Tibetan monks. He also watched approximately 400 80s horror movies and excited the neurons in his brain by shock-through-the-headphones when lightning struck our office.

Intern Sean hung out at the Aiken Bluegrass Festival early this summer and eventually got into a jam session with the guys from Greensky Bluegrass. He also made the terrible decision to explore downtown Phoenix wearing blue jeans…in 105° weather. He was able to almost even-out his farmers tan, and finally watched Good Will Hunting (Mattfleck for life).

Intern Brooke‘s summer equation: Turning 21 + Getting a Kruhu internship > Knee Surgery


As you can tell, Summer ’16 has been full of fun adventures in (and out) of the Kruhu office. We’re can’t wait to dive into a new season (and a big ol’ pile of leaves), welcome our new Kru members, and continue kicking creative-butt each and every day.