February 17, 2017


CHRIS » "Dissecting the facets of desire while rewiring the complicated emotions of human relationships of every kind can be tricky, and before you know it, you can become a prisoner of an ethereal expectational existence. Ryan Adams knows this predicament all to well and hones perfectly into the imagination that develops and cultivates the overly complicated human desire to love and repair love. His sixteenth studio album appropriately titled Prisoner tackles some pretty transparent and personal chapters in his life, and he delivers a scrapbook of Songwriting-Americana genius. Hailing from the critically doomed cover album of Taylor Swift’s 1989 and a very public and painful divorce from Mandy Moore (This Is Us/NBC), Adams draws inspiration from his headspace in realtime as he repairs, regains, reconditions himself to move on. 

When interviewed regarding the musical direction for Prisoner, he refers to inspiration coming from 80’s rock, specifically AC/DC, and ELO, but undertones of Rick Springfield, Fleetwood Mac, Level 42 are definitely present. Prisoner starts off with “Do You Still Love Me?” the first single; a “Let’s Go Crazy”-Prince-esque organ opener followed by crashing false-start rock riffs and pleading-heart hooks. The journey continues with “Doomsday”, a retrospective tune that carries a twang from his early career band, Whiskeytown. Other notable tracks are “Shiver and Shake” - a train-tracked, Springsteen “Tunnel of Love” era tune, “Breakdown” which is comparable to a Neil Young meets Alice In Chains mash-up, and “Tightrope” - it’s all about the sax solo. To date, this is a Ryan Adams greatest hits record; it just happens to be new material. Adams is making his way down south for a handful of gigs starting this month. Check him out live, you’ll be glad you did."

CHRISTY » "waiting for tonight like"

LINDSAY » "To the average fan, this may seem like NBD, but as a former Game Day Host at the University of Georgia, it’s nice to see the Dawgs taking it to the next level…for the love of recruiting!"

OZ » "prevues of coming attractions"

LAUREN » "THE MAGIC IPOD: pure musical magic"

ARIANE » "hmm maybe this would make cleaning litter boxes more fun..."