Fall Favorites

October 30, 2017

Fall seems to be everyone’s favorite time of year, but in Augusta, it’s a hard season to nail down. Here we are in late October, and fall has finally decided to grace us with its presence. We’re getting close to Halloween and the downhill slope towards the holidays, but before we swing into full on Thanksgiving/Christmas mode, the Kru decided to take a moment and reflect on the many Fall Favorites that we all have. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

L-Dub: Perfect
Christy: SPOOKY
Lauren: Cozy
Bay: Sweatah Weathah
Oz: Strange Days
Natalie: Crisp



Tailgating (whether there is a game or not)
L-Dub: Saturdays in Athens
Christy: Doing everything outside – hiking, skating, street markets, fairs
Lauren: Forming a cocoon of blankets around me and watching movies while drinking hot apple cider with the windows open so my face is freezing but my body is perfectly warm.
Bay: Watching Football
Oz: Being Nostalgic
Natalie: Mine is more of a feeling “The excitement of College Football”



Chris: Roadside Boiled Peanuts
L-Dub: A spicy bowl of chili and grilled cheese or Zeb’s BBQ and Brunswick Stew
Christy: Lattes + Pastries
Lauren: Pretty much anything warm and cinnamon-y
Bay: Pumpkin Pie
Natalie: Honey Crisp Apples AND Soup, soup, and more soup-The Pioneer Woman’s Tomato, Wendy’s Chili with Cheese, White Chicken Chili



Chris: A trip to Fat Man’s Forest
L-Dub: Carving pumpkins and eating those lil’ Pillsbury sugar cookies with Halloween shapes on them
Christy: seeing all of the costumes
Lauren: Dressing up (and stressing out about my costume, it’s fun)
Bay: Brewery hopping to find the best pumpkin beer!
Oz: Preparations
Natalie: Picking out pumpkins with my family. Some years they get carved and other years we just seem to run out of time.



Chris: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
L-Dub: White Chocolate/Orange White Chocolate Kit Kats
Christy: Anything dark chocolate
Lauren: Butterscotch
Bay: Candy Corn Pumpkins (don’t care about anyone’s negative opinions about them)
Oz: Tootsie Rolls
Natalie: Brach’s Candy Corn



Chris: E.T.
L-Dub: Hocus Pocus
Christy: Halloween (1978)
Lauren: Since I’m not really one for scary movies, I’ll go with Harry Potter 1-3
Bay: Hocus Pocus, and Rob Zombie’s Halloween
Oz: Any of the Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, or Friday the 13th movies
Natalie: I don’t have a favorite “Halloween” movie. My favorite “Scary” movie is “Kiss the Girls” because things like that can really happen.



Chris: Reds
L-Dub: All of the colors that leaves turn
Christy: All the colorful varieties of pumpkins
Lauren: Cranberry
Bay: Black
Oz: Burnt Orange
Natalie: Whatever gorgeousness the leaves produce



Chris: Burning Yard Work
L-Dub: Fire outdoors
Christy: Haunted House Fog Machine
Lauren: Apple Cinnamon
Bay: Cinnamon Pumpkin
Oz: Leaves Burning (I’m a country guy)
Natalie: Pumpkin scented candles



Chris: 73
L-Dub: 75 and sunny during the day; cold enough to see my breath at night.
Christy: Bonfire weather
Lauren: Just cold enough to make the grass crunchy
Bay: 75
Oz: 76
Natalie: 65



Chris: My favorite jacket
L-Dub: All Velvet everything
Christy: Beanie
Lauren: Big ole soft sweater
Bay: Boots
Oz: Friends and Family
Natalie: A fire and a soft, cuddly blanket