Extreme Makeover

February 7, 2011

Thanks to a referral, we were able to play role in the Graham family episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. We felt as privileged as most other companies that were able to play a role in the project.

In all that Kruhu does, note that it isn’t redistribution of a given product. We dream things up, we invent and we create. Most of the time, our helpful projects sail blissfully under the radar and we generally like it that way.

When it comes to our work, our time is our life and one simply limits the other. The projects that we pour out, with it, goes a piece of us – never to return, as a chip off the block of what we could produce with our lives. Some causes are more worthy than others, but all take the toll.

We made some great new friends with the crew and since December we’ve worked on a total of 3 different shows for Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

We produced several pieces for the Graham family and we’d like to share some images and what they were.

First being in the Prank room. We built the sign out of foam, painted lexan, pinpoint LEDs and the crew attached a motor to the “O” as a moving target for him to shoot with a nerf gun. Also, Cynthia made the bean bag chair on the floor that was a massive Whoopee cushion (and actually had a Whoopee cushion inside of it as well)

Second room Alias room – We were involved in 3 pieces of this room, the top being a panel panel piece designed to inspire aliases for Tiffany in future career as a CIA agent or law officer. We photoshopped her into different scenarios with applicable color schemes.


The table chandelier – thanks to some friends Mike & Nate, they got the motor to make this happen, bur the chandelier drops down to make top secret writing desk. We designed it with all kinds of smooth field agent materials – and the desk came with a dry erase marker that she can write directly on the folder surface and erase it with ease.

Interactive touchscreens in the armoire – this is one where they asked us if we could it do it – then followed up very quickly with a “does that sound crazy” yes it was crazy. Speaking of crazy the units didn’t have flash installed and some killer crew members work through the night to get flash running on the devices some that we could simulate the motion graphics. UNFORTUNATELY – we don’t have touchscreens to give you, but here is one of the actual files we streamed remotely during the show. (its a lot cooler when you use your your finger)

Golf Sign – Welcome to the club! As a last moment effort we designed a sign for the mini golf course in the backyard.