Case Study: Market Pharm

January 27, 2011


Creative Pharmacist offers an amazing program to pharmacies all over the nation. They came to Kruhu for a vehicle that these pharmacists could use to promote themselves. Kruhu designed the marketing vehicle, produced the content, fulfills and maintains it.


Creative Pharmacist helps independent pharmacies set themselves apart from their competition by establishing them as local health support knowledge centers. Creative Pharmacist provides their member pharmacies with monthly plans for Sweet Spot classes to educate clients about diabetes and Healthy Heart Club classes, which focus on wellness for the heart. The company also offers a number of resources for pharmacists in addition to their newest service – marketing support.

Creative Pharmacist’s goal is to help each pharmacy improve not only their patients’ outcomes, but also their bottom line.


For Creative Pharmacist, marketing was an important part of what they wanted to offer their clients. The “big box” drug stores these independent pharmacies are competing day-in and day-out with spend millions on marketing each year. Creative Pharmacist knew their stores wouldn’t be able to compete on that level financially, and they wanted to set their member stores apart rather than trying to compete on price alone. What they wanted to offer was a creative, effective, and affordable marketing package that would brand their client pharmacies as local health support centers.


Kruhu created a marketing package for pharmacies, and we named it – Market Pharm.

Our goal was to come up with a package that provided independent pharmacies with the tools they would need to compete with their “big box” competition – not on price, but on knowledge. The campaigns are clever and creative while clearly and effectively conveying the message that these local pharmacies are better options for your healthcare needs. Every Creative Pharmacist client has the opportunity to purchase Market Pharm and receive a full set of customized marketing materials each month, in addition to a personalized website complete with monthly updates and admin capabilities.

So what’s in the Market Pharm package?

• One full color monthly poster for each Sweet Spot and Healthy Heart Club Class and a poster stand on which to display the materials.

• A package of flyers to distribute for each monthly class customized with pharmacy logo, phone number, and class information.

• Two customizable monthly ads for each Sweet Spot and Healthy Heart Club Class.

• A personalized website that self-updates every month and features info about the pharmacy, location & directions, photos, upcoming class info, and the option to offer Rx refills online.

Currently this project services over 60 pharmacies across the country. As Creative Pharmacists grows, Kruhu will be there to provide the excellent assistance their clients have come to rely on for their marketing needs.