Award-Winning Sauce

November 5, 2012

Carolina Joe’s Grillin’ Sauce Wraps insecure chicken in a caramelized security blanket. It dresses bare sausages with the finest red velvet sports coats. It boots up a bland steak like a warm midnight line-dance along the tongue.

And Kruhu logo’d it,


package design’d it,

and website’d it.


And: it just won awards for all of those. Competing against major food companies in the prestigious Scovie Awards, the scores have been nothing but humbling:

  • Product Packaging, 1st Place
  •, 1st Place
  • Flat Art, Company/Product Logo, 2nd Place
  • Carolina Joe’s Grillin’ Sauce, Flat Art, Product Label, 2nd Place
  • Barbecue Sauce, Vinegar, 2nd Place

To have gone up against these big companies? And come out where we did? Kruhu couldn’t be more encouraged. The sauce is wonderful, and the work we’re able to do for it speaks volumes for our desire not simply to collaborate with our clients, but also, ultimately, know our clients — befriend them, and befriend their idea.

To view the site, and learn more about this full-flavored meat drencher, check click here using your arrow pointer or (if presently tablet’d) finger: