A Champion for our Brand, to all Brands

August 17, 2017

File Under: THE RECIPE

With our business growing and evolving, we found ourselves in need of someone who could be fully dedicated to analyzing, identifying, and qualifying various clients within our local and regional markets. We needed someone who understands positioning and communication for a brand; someone who could connect business challenges with our creative solutions. We needed a hero, a champion for our brand to all brands representing what we do – enter Natalie.

Natalie Scoggins is our new Business Development Director at Kruhu, and she comes with a knack-luster love for local businesses, a strategic mindset, and a spoonful of southern graces! This gal can shake and bake – check out her interview below:

Do you have any special talents?

Writing, strategically loading the dishwasher for maximum usage, and remembering people the first time I meet them – making people feel like they have known me forever so they are comfortable telling me things (sometimes things I shouldn’t even know!!)

If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why?

Well since this is total hypothetical, I’d want Vivien Leigh to rise from the dead to do it. She was
gorgeous, glamorous, and you couldn’t help but to be enamored by her onscreen presence.
Love or hate her character, Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With The Wind, you still wanted to be her.
Scarlet was desirable, determined, loved her family, and stubborn enough to persevere when all
the world around her was falling apart. Vivien Leigh made it all look possible and had audiences
believe she was the quintessential Southern Belle.

What do you think cats dream about?

How badly they wish they were as likable as dogs, as smart as dogs, and basically how they
just wish they were dogs.

What is your bad day remedy?

Plain M&Ms, snuggling with my boys, and if it is just super bad – sleeping it off

Do you believe in Big Foot?

Are you serious?

What is your favorite past job?

Not sure I have a favorite past job – just a favorite BEST job and that is being a momma to
three vivacious boys. I never pictured myself having twins, nor three sons, but here I am and I
wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, except for maybe my very own bathroom that no male in
my house was ever allowed to enter. HAHAHAHA!!

What is your favorite song right now?

Sturgill Simpson’s “Call to Arms” You can’t sit still and listen to it – gotta love a song that makes
you move

You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be and why?

Deep Blue – you know not navy, not cobalt, not violet but the blue you picture in your mind when
you hear it. The blue that when you sharpen it, you can see it has all these other colors inside to
make it just the right shade. A blue that is calming like the ocean. Blue always makes me think
of my grandmother’s eyes, so it soothes me and makes me feel secure.

What excites you most about Kruhu?

The people!!! The Kru itself is a majorly cool group of talented peeps and I am hoping I can fake
everyone out long enough so you all think I actually belong in the “kewl kids club at da Kru.” I
love meeting new people and forming relationships with others through business that become
real friendships not “business-ships.”

Welcome aboard, Natalie. “Fiddle-dee-dee”