Boo! from the Kru

October 20, 2016


What kind of music do mummies listen to? wrap!
Why doesn’t Dracula have any friends? because he is a pain in the neck.
Why wasn’t there any food left after the monster party? because everyone was goblin!

Despite the fact that it’s still 85 degrees most days, the smell of tricks and treats are in the air and the Kru is pumped!  We’ve decorated our office (basically meaning dust out the spiders and cobwebs to put up some fake ones). We have some creepy lights scattered about and moved our skeleton friend from his favorite bongo-playing nook to the front window so he can share his spooky spirit with the rest of downtown. During the process we disturbed a ghost and he had the following questions for us:

h1Chris: anything/everything
Christy: A Burger (but I’d probably still eat it…)
Oz: Water
Lauren: Trick question. Everything should be pumpkin flavored.
LDUB: Toothpaste
LJ: Water
Ariane: CocaCola
Brooke: uhhhhh is that a serious question?


h2Chris: Summercamp Nightmare
Christy: Child’s Play (I was introduced to killer dolls at a very early age)
Oz: None
Lauren: Okay so I never watched Lights Out but I watched the trailer a few times and that was enough to spook me.
LDUB: What Lies Beneath…that neighbor is CREEPY…the part when their eyes meet…I can’t.
LJ: The Exorcist
Ariane: 2005 remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Brooke: If I saw them…probably all…I just remember “watching” the exorcist and saying never again.


h3Chris: Walmart Customers
Christy: Whoever was responsible for my death
Oz: My Wife
Lauren: My freshman sociology professor that never saw the true value of my work. (I’m not bitter)
LDUB: Kim Kardashian, but mainly so I could swipe stuff from her closet and keep it in ghost world with me
LJ: My high school
Ariane: Career politicians
Brooke: I would probably go to restaurants and talk to people while simultaneously snagging food off their plates…I would HATE IT if someone stole my last bite


h5Chris: Milk Duds
Christy: Caramel Creams
Oz: Tootsie Rolls
Lauren: Anything dark chocolate.
LDUB: Baby Ruths + Blue Air Heads ALL DAY
LJ: Twix or Snickers
Ariane: Reese’s cups
Brooke: Almond joys 


trickChris: Plain Clothed People
Christy: Anyone not in a costume cause they’re lame
Oz: Donald Trump
Lauren: Mr. Bean or Pee Wee Herman.
LDUB: Donald Trump
LJ: a clown
Ariane: Cops
Brooke: Older people carrying swords, axes, chainsaws, guns etc. Idc if it’s a part of the costume that ish is scary.


h6Chris: Dead
Christy: Firzy Fur Furstein
Oz: A Jedi from Augusta, GA
Lauren: Himself from the past (yesterday).
LDUB: American Gladiator from the 80s
LJ: Michael Jackson
Ariane: Harley Quinn
Brooke: Van Gogh….or an adobe app


h7Chris: 2 parts nasty & 1 part hate
Christy: 1. Burnt Sugar / 2. Bar of Soap / 3. Candle Wax
Oz: Food Coloring, Sugar, Wax
Lauren: Dia, be, tes.
LDUB: sugar, sugar, sugar, and according to some…real honey #savethebees
LJ: Sugar, Corn syrup, and Marshmallow creme (or orange stuff, yellow stuff, and white stuff haha)
Ariane: tanning spray, glue, and actual corn
Brooke: Happiness, smiles, and sugary hugs.