Blessings on Blessings

November 21, 2017

We’re rolling right down the hill towards 2018 and the holiday season is already here! It seems like just yesterday, the Kru was sitting around the big Thanksgiving table discussing which food was representative of each Kru member. The Kru is thankful for so much (other than the obvious: each other & the awesome place we get to work at every day) – we are beyond thankful for our clients and supporters who allow us to keep doing what we love!

We challenged everyone here with a little Kru quiz about all things Thanksgiving. So grab a heaping plate of Turkey and Potatoes and enjoy!


What does your plate usually look like on Thanksgiving?


Christy: deep-fried turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, many more casseroles & HOMEMADE pumpkin pie

Bay: Turkey, Ham, Green Beans, Mashed potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Mac and Cheese, a million casseroles, and pumpkin pie

Lauren: All the veggies and every form of potato I can find.

L-Dub: Turkey, Ham, Green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, mac and cheese, lima beans, cranberry sauce, Grandma’s dressing, and of course Sister Schubert rolls. We usually finish off the meal with pumpkin pie and caramel cake!

Natalie: Ham instead of turkey, Sweet Potato Soufflé, Connoisseur’s Casserole, Something Green, Sister Schubert Rolls, and dessert(s) which always varies

Chris: Turkey, Dressing, Rice/Gravy, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Beans, Green Jacket Salad, Pumpkin Pie, Strawberry Pretzel Dessert

Oz: Turkey, Turkey Dressing, Cranberry Sauce, Potato Salad, BBQ, Ham, Mac-n-cheese, Sweet Potato Pie, Greens, etc



What’s your typical Thanksgiving agenda?


Christy: hit every house to maximize leftovers – avoid children and political discussions

Bay: After years of going to 5+ places in a day when I was younger, it now consists of 2 lunches (one with my moms and one with my dads side) and Dinner at our house

Lauren: Wake up and drink coffee while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, prep/cook for thanksgiving dinner with my fam, go eat and laugh a bunch, load up on coffee and make the 4-hour (if I’m lucky) drive to Chattown to have more Thanksgiving dinners then take a nap before we head out for Black Friday craziness.

L-Dub: This year, it’s Friendsgiving Tuesday, Kru + MIL Thanksgiving Wednesday, drive to my family in NC Thursday for good eats and good drinks, stay the night, drive to Athens to take my Oma out on Friday, Georgia Football on Saturday, and recovery on Sunday.

Natalie: I am usually finishing cooking my contribution to the family Thanksgiving meal that morning while the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is TV. Then, each year we trade which side of the family we eat with (one year mine and the next year Preston’s). We eat lunch, watch football, take a nap, and just enjoy being with family.

Chris: Wake up > Macy’s Day Parade > Sleep > Football > Eat > Football > Sleep

Oz: Prepare food and eat.



How many Thanksgiving’s do you typically attend?


Christy: kruhu thanksgiving, 3 family dinners & a friendsgiving!

Bay: MUST attend 3. Thats an extreme downsize compared to the past.

Lauren: Three total if I can make it to Chattanooga in time.

L-Dub: During the whole week…at least six………..

Natalie: On an average – 2, but can be more or less each year.

Chris: Two MAX

Oz: Between 1 – 3



Do you eat leftovers? If so, for how many days?


Christy: til they’re either gone / smell weird

Bay: Its never ending

Lauren: Leftovers sustain me breakfast, lunch, and dinner until Cyber Monday rolls around.

L-Dub: Honestly, I only eat leftovers late in the day, same day on Thanksgiving. After that, I really try to stay as far away as possible.

Natalie: Only of certain things – if there is ham, then we will eat ham sandwiches until it runs out which isn’t long at all in my house. We may eat some leftover casseroles or butter beans but only through Friday.

Chris: Not so much. Maybe a terkysandwich the day after.

Oz: Heck yea, for about a week.



What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?


Christy: probably quiche – we’re the only ones I’ve known to have that at thanksgiving and I love it

Bay: All the piesssss

Lauren: Angie’s Sweet Potato Casserole

L-Dub: Green bean casserole, and my grandma’s dressing (It’s the best in the world, and gets fought over)

Natalie: Sweet Potato Souffle’

Chris: Anything that welcomes gravy

Oz: Don’t know. I dig the whole mix.



Do you have any rad Thanksgiving traditions?


Christy: nothing specific really – i’m just happy if it’s cold enough for a fire

Bay: Going up to the mountains to get a Christmas tree, Griswold style, the day after

Lauren: My family plays “Mean Santa” every year with Christmas ornaments after we eat dinner and we end up laughing till we’re crying.

L-Dub: SoCo punch and game night with the fam—and if we aren’t driving, I HAVE to watch the dog show. Also…football. Duh.

Natalie: I traditionally don’t do the whole Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping and not being a part of that seems pretty rad to me.

Chris: Hanging out with RAD-FAM

Oz: Not really. I just like chillin with fam.



What’s the strangest food you’ve had on Thanksgiving?


Christy: stuffed tofurkey (would not recommend)

Bay: My aunt Ginger’s vegan “turkey”

Lauren: My Thanksgiving meals have been pretty ordinary.

L-Dub: I still don’t understand the noodles of my mid-western in-laws

Natalie: I guess I am just boringly traditional, because I have only ever eaten a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Chris: Roast Beast

Oz: I don’t recall; probably some pie someone baked.



Any Thanksgiving disaster stories?


Christy: one time my uncle had a little too much red wine and backed into my husband’s car (whoops)

Bay: My mom putting salt instead of sugar in her chocolate pie or when no one showed up with the turkey

Lauren: Again, Thanksgiving prep + execution has (thankfully) always been pretty ordinary.

L-Dub: It’s not really a disaster, but the strangest Thanksgiving of my life was a few years ago when my Grandfather was in the hospital, we didn’t have a real Thanksgiving. My husband and I ended up at Cracker Barrel.

Natalie: My husband went to put the turkey in the pan, and it slipped right out of his hands because he had injected it with marinade….and then we ended up with turkey marinade and nasty stuff all over the floor (which wasn’t fun for anyone because we don’t like turkey)

Chris: Personally no (see #2). BUT I have been witness to many intense moments.

Oz: Nah, knock on wood, nothing like that yet. Well, maybe at most, being up all night before, smoking a turkey, and it not be done, so having to throw it into the oven.



When is the appropriate time to decorate for Christmas?


Christy: day after thanksgiving – plus you get to avoid Black Friday shoppers

Bay: Whenever you want to

Lauren: I don’t know about appropriate, but I like to decorate the day before Thanksgiving so I can come home to full on Christmas after the weekend away.

L-Dub: In college, my roomies and I would decorate the day after Halloween—BUT since getting married, I’ve been relegated to the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I like to have everything out when people descend upon my house…plus it’s so much work, gotta enjoy it as long as possible!!

Natalie: After November 15th

Chris: Friday, Saturday following

Oz: Anytime after thanksgiving.



What are you most thankful for this year?


Christy: my family, my friends, & my health

Bay: Friends and Family alwayssss <3

Lauren: The love of my family and friends, friends that have become family, and a job that is indescribably awesome and allows me to do what I love everyday.

L-Dub: My amazing family and friends, a job for my husband and myself doing what we both love, health, my dogger, and having the ability to go, do, and see! Oh and college football.

Natalie: A healthy family both at home and at work.

Chris: Grace on top of Grace

Oz: Jesus, my children, Ebony, being alive, and living in an ever-improving nation.