Behind the Red Doors

June 21, 2017

Fans of the TV show “One Tree Hill” know Brooke Davis as “the girl behind the red door” embodying mystery, enigma, and a certain unreachable quality of the most popular girl in school. If you happen to take a stroll down Broad Street in Augusta, GA, you’re likely to notice a set of eye-catching red doors: kind of unusual, fascinating, and maybe mysterious. They’re bold statement against the backdrop of restaurants and shops, proclaiming singularity and uniqueness. Let’s take you behind those red doors for a second and give you a glimpse into what lies beyond-you’ll find it’s anything but unreachable.

You’re going to walk right into a inviting office of creative, controlled chaos and you’re going to have to acknowledge that this place isn’t like anywhere else in Augusta. Welcome to Kruhu, a place for design innovators, creative minds, and individuals dedicated to building a name for themselves as Augusta’s best marketing and branding studio. It’s an open space for developing, evaluating, revising, and fine-tuning every brand that walks through their door looking for personality, direction, or refined purpose. They’ll be the first to tell you they’re all about being “contagious and courageous” in every part of the business. One thing you can be sure of is these people know what they’re doing. They’re wizards of the branding world-championing for success and refusing to settle for mediocrity.

If you don’t already have a brand, this is when you’re probably going to start wishing you had one for them to work on, because it’s a competent and successful business with legendary people. You’ll notice it’s the people that make Kruhu more than just a place where services are provided, but an environment that ensures an enjoyable experience. Therein lies the beauty of Kruhu; it’s a culture people will buy into. They go all in for you, and I can almost guarantee you’ll end up loving them for it. Look at the wonderful faces of Ariane, Christy, Bay, Oz, Lauren, Lindsay, and Chris and know you’re getting into something good. You’ll want to put the fate of your brand into the experienced and hard-working hands of “the Kru”, because they’re masterminds of infusing personality and clarity. Kruhu could be the catalyst that launches your brand on the path of growth.

There you are standing in an office, covered in past successes and current inspirations, imagining all the fascinating things these people are capable of, and suddenly it’s not so mysterious and unreachable. Kruhu is pretty simple. It’s the marriage of competence and cutting-edge creativity all mixed up in some talented and driven individuals. Now when you walk down Broad Street with a friend and you pass Kruhu, you can enlighten them on the “mysteries” beyond, knowing you would entrust your brand to the creatives behind those red doors.

From an observing and learning intern,
Brantley Barinowski