Banjo-B-Que 2010

June 3, 2010

The object was to draw something kinda twisting old kegs into a modern and festive mobile bar system. The first sketch was as is below. The original idea was to cover the front lip with bottle caps. We realized after we drilled the centers out of 2000 of them that it would seriously busy up the overall look, instead, we’ll invest time into the curved wood grain effect. To get this effect it was pointless to try to use real wood due to the density and weight – so – we went with foam.

From there I hunted for some inspiration. The largest bottle cap that I could find was nailed to the side of a cracker barrel. See below

Then it began. We carved and coated the foams and started making the bottle caps. We decided to go with steel for a bar top and base. Then we tossed it together to see what it may look like as a concept. I wasn’t against shifting the idea on the fly to make a better project.

So here we are. We had bondo’d the tops of the caps and sanded most of them in the process to apply a nice vinyl sticker to the final tops. Then I popped the crazy question to the Kru…..”What can we do to take these over the edge?” The idea sprung up to machine out the “B” and backlight it. This meant getting acrylic, line sanding it and gluing cut out pieces to it. We also started cutting the centers out of the bottle caps, prepping the tops/bases and painting the foam to look like wood. We also applied a wood banding to look like steel and match the rusted bar tops.

It was a large amount of work. The final product is display below, take note of the lighting the lights run under the lip and behind the “B”. We also built a carrier for the bars they weigh around 400lbs each.

I want to thank absolutely everyone who had a part in helping to put these together. They’ve truly exceeded our own expectations.