Kruhu Hat Trick

June 29, 2010

It’s the 90 mile-an-hour curve ball or the white squall on a sunny day. None of us saw it coming. We’ve done branding for everything from builders to hospitals, but not one of us had done a real sports team identity.

With occasions like this, there’s an edge of terror for a split second that tells you to shutter in fear or go for the goal. Of course, we went for it. It being the branding for Augusta’s new hockey team the River Hawks. Concept was a retro style embroidered River Hawk that wasn’t supposed to be a cartoon bird and in NO WAY have little skinny legs. This crushed my concept out of the gate, my vision for the River Hawk looked like an tennis ball with toothpicks boasting a wad of feathers that would rival any other bird in the park.

One member of the team took it upon herself (hint hint) to just scrap the design by screen method and hit the paper. She hand drew the typeface and detailed the concept into form. The team submitted other designs as well, but quickly dove into progressing this concept to the final brand. The result was exactly what the hockey guys were dreaming for and it was loads of fun for us to be a part of. (Except for me permanently scuffing the floor with a hockey stick).

Three different branding variations were produced for the use of the Augusta River Hawks.

The unveiling event was held at Somewhere in Augusta, with a great turn out and plenty of press. It was an honor for Kruhu to play such a role in helping Augusta’s new hockey team skate into the hearts of the locals.


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