Intern Party

August 1, 2011

And ain’t it the truth, ya’ll. This party don’t stop. Please help us.

Our interns are fantastic examples of The Intrigued Mind In Action: they are each dedicated to knowing the craft in their own way, and understanding the industry of creativity. They sometimes even ask us questions.

However, we decided to ask them some questions the other day.


“The dinosaurs told me to.” — Trilogy

“What? Why what?” — Bleak

“Because.” — Casey

But seriously: what about all this, the graphic design, the idea slinging, the identity fashioning — what about it is most appealing to you and why? What jump-started you?


“I wanted to get my foot in the door on the professional side of it. Since elementary school, I’ve had an art teacher — I guess it started from there. I like design, but I like drawing the most.” — Trilogy

“It’s something that’s appealing for my future, and it’s a good opportunity during the summer to get more familiar with the field. Doodle for Google — one of my friends did it, and I got interested in design this way. My friend told me I should enter it, and we both did. Then I went to a summer camp at SCAD for graphic design and film.” — Bleak

“Just the whole artistic ability I have, being able to produce stuff you see in everyday life. I started designing shirts, and really seeing how much everyone liked them — started probably about, say, 10th grade.” — Casey

Why Kruhu?

“Because they’re the most influential design company in Augusta — and I live here.” — Trilogy

“I wanted to do something at a graphic design firm. Since I was interested in an internship, my dad did some looking into it and found Kruhu.” — Bleak

“Honestly, I was looking on the website and thought it was really cool. Wanted to check it all out.” — Casey


Thanks, interns, for partying hard.