Six Suspects, Eleven Awards

February 23, 2017

It was Kruhu, in the Ballroom, with the Candlestick.

It’s that time of year again…time to play dress up and get together with one-hundred of the area’s best creative minds to be recognized for excellence in advertising at the annual American Advertising Federation-Augusta local Addy Awards. This year it was game on and the theme had everyone wondering whodunnit…was it Professor Plum? Miss Scarlet? Mrs. Peacock? Or Yvette the maid? We got dressed up, played by the rules, and ended with a WIN (eleven to be exact). It is always a good time hangin’ with the Kru and having our year’s hard work recognized by the AAF.

We’ve written about our successes at the Addy’s in the past, but we know many of you may be thinking: “Addys…what the heck are the Addys?” Well, the Addys are the annual awards presentation put on by local chapters of the American Advertising Federation that recognize and reward creative excellence in advertising. Nationally, there are over 40,000 creative entries every year. This competition is a three tiered, national competition that only just begins at the local level. The entries that won gold on the local level will now make their way to the regional competition, and we will anxiously wait to hear back to see if anything will continue on nationally!

We love our jobs and the opportunity we have every day to create for our clients. Thank you to all of our clients for your continuous support and chance to make a memorable impact for your brands on a daily basis!

Moon Holler Alesner Poster
James Brown Family Birthday Bash Poster
Xytex Informational Brochures
Papa Joe’s Banjo-B-Que Music Festival Event Signage
Kruhu Social Media
Kruhu Christmas Package [+ Judges’ Choice]

Omaha Brewing Company Beer Packaging
Hagler Systems: Kraken Logo
The Kiss Kruise VI Poster
Legacy Reserve Informational Sales Kit