We’re All That and A Bag of Chips

November 11, 2016


It was the best of decades, it was the worst of decades, it was THE 90s! Last week a few Kru members took it waaayyy back and went to the I Heart the 90s concert.


The Kru is a good mix – some of us were already young adults living it up in college, some of us were born in the nineties, and some of us are true Nineties Kids! Since we’re throwing it back, here’s our perspective on this defining last decade of the 20th century:


Signature Catchphrase: “That’ll do, pig, that’ll do”

Describe Your Hairstyle: Topsy Tail and bangs with a cowlick I’m only just now learning how to manage

Essential Accessories:  Plastic tattoo choker, Sticker earrings (til Dec ’98), and basically anything you could buy from a quarter machine

Describe Your Favorite Outfit: There was this white dress with big purple polka dots that I probably wore until it was shirt length on me

Signature Scent: Clinique Happy (because mom didn’t wear perfume, but it always came in the free sample tote)

Novelty Drink & Snack Pairing: Hi-C Ecto Cooler & War Heads

Favorite Book: The Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Favorite Movie: All Disney Movies of course and then stuff like The Secret Garden, Babe, Clueless, The Little Rascals, My Girl, A League of Their Own, Anne of Green Gables

Collection: Polly Pocket – I had a village worth!

Mode of Communication:  1) walk or ride bike to neighbor’s house 2) knock on door 3) ask the adult who answers if my friend can come out and play

Y2K Survival Kit: awesome 2000 glasses, kazoos/noise makers, confetti…. and the hope that I would look less awkward by 6th grade


Signature Catchphrase: “This Shilsnill’s Kinda Widaxx”

Describe Your Hairstyle: Longish & Fluffy

Essential Accessories: Mixtape & Bookbag

Describe Your Favorite Outfit: Band or Artist T-shirt  – Gap Pants – Saddle Oxfords

Signature Scent: Woods by Abercrombie & Fitch

Novelty Drink & Snack Pairing: Goldfish & Tap Water

Favorite Book: none – I was into music

Favorite Movie: Singles

Collection: Compact Discs & Cassette Tapes

Mode of Communication: Fate

Y2K Survival Kit: Hope for a Better Tomorrow


Signature Catchphrase: “Whatever” 

Describe Your Hairstyle: Very long with bangs (until my sister brought lice home – RIP long hair)

Essential Accessories: My grandma’s costume jewelry and a lil’ purse (that had no purpose but made me feel fancy)

Describe Your Favorite Outfit: Anything with sunflowers

Signature Scent: Too much Calgon Morning Glory Body Mist

Novelty Drink & Snack Pairing: Bugles w/ Sunny D (and maybe a cosmic brownie for dessert)

Favorite Book: The entire Goosebumps series

Favorite Movie: Ferngully!

Collection: Gel pens, stuffed animals, and every Disney VHS ever made

Mode of Communication: My parents calling the other kid’s parents

Y2K Survival Kit: “This is dumb – why is everyone freaking out?”


Signature Catchphrase: “As if, whatever!” That didn’t go over well with my mom and dad.

Describe Your Hairstyle: Bangs and huge bows. I was a tiny person, with big hair!

Essential Accessories: Hair bows, Tweety Bird high tops, chokers, a fanny pack, and a tamagotchi

Describe Your Favorite Outfit: I was super into the movie Clueless (really age inappropriate), and I was obsessed with how they dressed…but I was WAY too young to dress like that. So needless to say I’m super pumped that it’s come back around.

Signature Scent: Lip smackers, Bath and Body Works fragrance mists…and the unmistakeable candy scent of roll on glitter.

Novelty Drink & Snack Pairing: Dunk-a-Roos and Kool Aid Bursts

Favorite Book: I was super into Ramona Quimby, and of course all of the American Girl and Babysitters Club books

Favorite Movie: It Takes Two, Clueless, Hocus Pocus, and everything Disney

Collection: Beanie Babies and Barbie Dolls

Mode of Communication: Passing notes in class and land-line phone calls

Y2K Survival Kit: I feel like we knew it was coming but really didn’t freak out about it…I did however receive a little stuffed animal bug at Christmas that year that when you slammed it on the ground it made a glass breaking sound and had y2k written everywhere. Midnight came and went and it was really a huge let down….


Signature Catchphrase: “Talk to the hand”

Describe Your Hairstyle: Long hair, don’t care (it was down to my butt).

Essential Accessories: Scrunchies and Claire’s earrings (I had my ears pierced in the third grade)

Describe Your Favorite Outfit: Anything with a Disney character on it

Signature Scent: Anything from Bath & Body Works

Novelty Drink & Snack Pairing: Kool-aid Squeezit & Gushers

Favorite Book: All of The BabySitters Club books

Favorite Movie: Aladin

Collection: Gel pens…milky pens and gelly rolls were the best!

Mode of Communication: Folded notes (check yes or no)

Y2K Survival Kit: My Walkman


Signature Catchphrase: “Guile Lee”

Describe Your Hairstyle: Bob, Fade, Cornrolls, Finger wave, Slickback perm.

Essential Accessories:
• Bandanna in backpocket or tied around arm or leg.  (looked cool and useful during hot southern days).
• A watch (there were no smartphones) and looks great.  (Fossil watches were my thing)
• Sometimes, I used to wear earrings as well.
• Pen and small notebook for notes and phone numbers.

Describe Your Favorite Outfit:
Shirt: Dickies Long-Sleeve shirt
Pants: Levi’s Silvertab jeans
Shoes: white K-Swiss or Brown  Eastlands shoes.

Signature Scent: Drakar / Cool Water

Novelty Drink & Snack Pairing: Didn’t snack much

Favorite Book: A Wrinkle in Time

Favorite Movie: Desperado (1995)

Collection: none

Mode of Communication: Pager

Y2K Survival Kit: Be home with food and beer, and not traveling.


Signature Catchphrase: “I know you are but what am I?” (burrrrrn)

Describe Your Hairstyle: Half up with a big ole bow courtesy of Mama Rainwater

Essential Accessories: My slap bracelet, mood ring, and my mom’s old beeper that didn’t work but made me feel like a sophisticated little woman

Describe Your Favorite Outfit: Overalls and keds man

Signature Scent: Melon Mania from Bath & Body Works’ Art Stuff line

Novelty Drink & Snack Pairing: SqeezeIt and Trix Yogurt

Favorite Book: Every Junie B. Jones book

Favorite Movie: Escape to Witch Mountain, Aladdin, and Lion King

Collection: Beanie Babies and imaginary friends

Mode of Communication: Through my mom

Y2K Survival Kit: My walkman, tapes, read-along-books, and my parents


Signature Catchphrase: “look at my belly butt” aka belly button

Describe Your Hairstyle: untamed blonde afro..usually half pulled up in a spout pony on the top of my head or frizzed out into a lion mane..

Essential Accessories: stuffed animals and stick on earrings

Describe Your Favorite Outfit: Usually faded wash jeans, some type of jeweled shirt, white socks and white sneakers.

Signature Scent: Strawberry Kiwi capri sun

Novelty Drink & Snack Pairing: Lunchables and fruit juice

Favorite Book: Cookie’s Week

Favorite Movie: Bug’s Life

Collection: Beanie babies, ty pillow pals, scars (from trying to keep up with my brother), and bath and body works lip balm pots I took from my sister and tried to eat

Mode of Communication: play dates by momma

Y2K Survival Kit: Little Tikes red car and my PIC brother Baylor!