2017 RECAP

January 16, 2018

As we roll right on in to 2018, here’s a quick re-cap of your favorite Kru-members’ 2017 adventures:



Chris learned 3 important things this year.

1) Refinement + Accountability = Unshakable Foundations: With discipline and raw vulnerability, the action-item torrents of the daily become less of an undertow and serve more as a foothold for inspiration and untapped creativity. This wisdom is best gleaned and shared with those who challenge without agenda and selflessly give regardless of status or bandwidth. #jedicouncil

2) “If I write a book it will be called Life and How to Live It”: A fictional bestselling satire about a rhombus who wanted to quantify all aspects of existence on a curve. Realizing that living on the edge does not always add up, he discovers comedy, beauty, value, and credence in faith. #solafide

3) God’s Favor and Protection: Consistently beginning each day in scripture and prayer is a complete game changer though not a perfector <- Jesus accomplished that already #grateful (Revelation 21: 5-6)  



For Christy, 2017 was a year of travel, art, inspiration, and growth. She got to explore a ton of new places, met some really interesting people, and challenged herself creatively.

Travel included a massive Euro-trip in March to Reykjavík, Dublin, Munich, Prague, Budapest, and London. She loved getting to pet the wild Iceland ponies, glacier + cliff hiking, and getting lost in the historic cities while pigging out on lattes and nutella crepes. She also visited many fun spots in the US including Colorado for New Years Eve, Boston, Maine, Tennessee, and Disney World with all of her friends together!

She spent a ton of time on her skates, continuing as a member of the Soul City Sirens where she played in 6 games, and only walked away with two bloody noses. She also conquered her fears of ramp skating and learned some new tricks at the Skate Park.

Christy got a new camera last year and really honed her photography skills, learning new techniques and working with different models. She created some awesome material and had her first group art exhibit. She can’t wait to grow her skills and push herself even more in 2018.



Let’s see, I will consult my journal to figure out what exactly did happen in my life in 2017.

I begin each year with a quest to become even more organized and uptight about putting everything in its place. Went out of town without kids couple of times which is always great. Once in January to Athens for a wedding and again in August to Atlanta to celebrate Preston’s 40th Birthday. I love reminding him that no matter how old I get, he will ALWAYS be older than me. (cue evil laugh). Then to Savannah in November for the Savannah Food and Wine Festival where, while freezing, we promoted the talents and abilities of KRUHU. Annual Scoggins Family beach trip to Edisto in June with 10 adults and 8 kids under one roof for a week always makes for a memorable time. New family tradition alert – The five of us travelled to Grassy Hill NC for a long getaway to relax and unplug in the sweetest little mountain cabin by a river stream where there was fishing, tubing, and my boys even did a little raccoon trapping with the owner. Trips to Charlotte to see my brother and nieces.

Real parenting life was figuring out which middle school(s) my twins would attend in the fall. The real shock came in August when the twins went to separate schools for the first time ever and I began my journey as a mother who has three kids at three different schools and all of them have to be at different places by the 8 am bell. First semester down and I am still trying to get everyone’s schedule straight. The best I can come up with is “my public school children and my private school child” because otherwise I just get everyone’s name wrong.

Already a major fan, the ish got real when I became a member of the KRU at the end of July. Love my work family and have more fun with these people than I ever thought possible at a job. Along the way I have met a lot of cool people who are doing their best to live the American Dream and just need a little help from Kruhu to show the world just what they are made of (and about). I have learned a TON and still have so much more to learn and more flowers to place on the conference room table.

Worst part of the year was losing the matriarch of Preston’s family, our very own Big Jane Eubanks. She did more for others in her 90 years than thought believable. Her funeral was the most beautiful tribute of life and love I have ever seen. Her famous Sunday dinners, served promptly at 1pm, were the place where many intimidating introductions to “the family” were made. Everyone was always welcome to Big Jane’s table and it didn’t take long for you to welcome her into your heart. She was truly one of a kind.



In 2017, Lauren moved out from the nest of her folks and got her own snazzy little piece of downtown heaven. Traveling to Chattanooga to visit with her (now fiancé!!) Cody was a regular occurrence and she loved getting to know the city better – spending time at the market and walking around downtown. In February, she got her first taste of hometown soccer with a friendly match between Atlanta United FC and Chattanooga FC. She then got to travel to ATL for the home opener vs. the New York Red Bulls. Seeing Yamil Asad score the very first goal in club history goes down as one of the top 5 sports moments of her life.

Not only did Lauren score her own pad this year, she also got a tattoo, took her first trip to Disney World, and witnessed the Great Solar Eclipse of 2017. She also traveled to Covington for a Vampire Diaries fangirl experience, went on a family fun beach trip in the summer, got the opportunity to stay at the coolest BnB in Nashville with Xinelaine, celebrated her nieces birthday in Monroe, Louisiana, and celebrated her birthday at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Her year was capped off by the moment we’ve all been waiting for—a very special engagement on a mountaintop to her bestie Cody. We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for the (future) Smartwaters.



L-Dub’s year was all about two things: travel and the Dawgs.

2017 saw trips to Napa Valley, Italy, two ventures to Chicago, and Washington D.C., along with countless weekends in Atlanta, Savannah, Athens, and Hilton Head. She tasted the best wines and saw multiple beautiful vineyards, experienced her first game at Wrigley Field, hung out with Touchdown Jesus, ate more stupid good Italian food than she has in her life, and partied like a Spy on New Years Eve.

Whether it was basketball or football, she was there for it all. Literally. This football season brought about more joy, and subsequently more pain than she has ever experienced in her 28 years as a Dawg fan. She and husband and friends made the journey to the Notre Dame game, all of the home games, plus the trip to the SEC Championship. I guess we’ll have to write about the Natty game in the 2018 in review, but she was there for that unfathomable heartbreak as well. This year was extra special, not only from the excellence of the Dawgs, but she got to introduce new friends to her favorite little town in Northeast Georgia.

As the Kru’s resident party-girl, 2017 proved no different, with unforgettable Masters week shindigs, a slip ’n slide birthday party, a Friendsgiving wine tasting, and the Greenbrier Class of 2007 10 Year High School Reunion. L-Dub looks forward to another year full of travels, fun times, friends, and new experiences!



Best part of Bay’s 2017—joining the Kru! Just kidding…or maybe not. It did happen, and post-graduation in December, she moved from Charlotte to Augusta to start her dream job here. This was a year of firsts for Bay—first ‘real’ job, first Masters week experience, first trip to Hilton Head, and first trip to Athens to cheer on the Georgia Bulldogs! She was a busy girl, traveling to and from Charlotte a number of times to visit friends, attend weddings, and continue to keep a piece of the big city life near her. She also travelled to the Outer Banks, Colorado, and Atlanta for Music Midtown this year. Basically, she was super hard to nail down each weekend as she frolicked off to somewhere new.

She celebrated the end of an era with the Pretty Little Liars celebration, and the beginning of a new one with the acquisition of her brand new puppy at the end of the year (coming home February 2018—stay tuned!!). Other highlights of her year included seeing the oh-so-rare Eclipse in August, celebrating Chanel-o-Ween in October, and spending the holidays with her family and friends.



The end of 2016 brought about the greatest gift for Papa Oz in the form of his brand new baby boy. 2017 was all about watching his youngest son, Orion, develop and grow from a newborn to a full blown walking, talking, prowling little dude. He has been in awe all year of how much he has changed, and the Kru LOVES their visits from tiny Oz.