A Year in Revu

January 5, 2017

Twenty Sixteen will certainly be a memorable year. It was a super year in particular for Kruhu! So super that we came up with some fitting SUPERlatives for our Kru members. Here are the highlights:


LDub kicked off the year braving the World’s Smallest Snow Storm with her pup, Ellie. Ellie had a pretty exciting winter with the addition of a new cousin-pup named, Wrigley! Just kidding, Ellie is not enthused. Lindsay had an exciting winter though getting to attend her first Addy’s Award ceremony with the Kru. By March, she finally got to have the full St. Patty’s experience living it up in Savannah. Her spring was full of good times starting with Master’s Week (complete with private Jimmy Buffet concert), a trip to Vegas (complete with pink hair), and a business trip to Lexington (complete with Lauren & Chris). Weddings and birthday parties filled her summer which culminated with the Beerlympics… USA! USA! USA! After a wild summer, Lindsay and her husband, Kyle, took a relaxing trip to Costa Rica where they met some exotic creatures and enjoyed some beautiful sunsets. The rest of the fall pretty much paled in comparison due to the mediocre Dawgs football season until Kru member, Christy, got married! And then… for the first time… in 108 years…. the Chicago Cubs won the World Series!!! Shortly after, Lindsay’s brother-in-law decided to finally make things official with his longtime girlfriend who Lindsay already considers a sister. As luck would have it, there was already a trip to Chicago planned to see the Bears for Thanksgiving! Needless to say, there was plenty of celebrating! Lindsay, Kyle, and Ellie are rounding out the year with lots of holiday parties and beer, oh – I mean cheer and they’re looking forward to what 2017 has in store. Perhaps a European excursion!

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Christy rang in 2016 at the most magical place on earth. Yep, Disney World! She got a real surprise when she and her boyfriend of 10+ years, David, went to take their traditional pic in front of the big Epcot ball and HE PROPOSED! According to Christy, she couldn’t decide if she was going to vomit or run away… so she stayed and said yes. Life-changing experiences were a bit of a theme in Christy’s year. She flew across the country with her sister to meet up with a bunch of extremely talented female photographers in the woods of Oregon where they ran through the forrest naked, nearly froze to death in the ocean, got in touch with their spiritual feminist side, and developed some amazing photographs. She wasn’t done traveling yet though! She got to experience both winter and summer in Chicago for the first time with her best friends. And finally….she quote “married my best friend at the sweetest little farm surrounded by all my closest friends and family”. As if that wasn’t the most precious thing ever, they spent two weeks in Hawaii hiking miles & miles of the most beautiful, windy, grueling (and slightly terrifying) cliffs while stuffing themselves with pineapples and spam basically everyday. Just look at these adorable pics! Christy had a pretty perfect year!!

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Ariane’s husband turned thirty at the beginning of the year and she figured it was time for him to finally experience the wonders of the Star Wars franchise beginning with Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens in 3D IMAX (queue gasps from fans). He was instantly hooked so they watched the whole series together. The next big event of the year was getting to participate in a dance competition to raise money for the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. They worked up a sweat for two months learning the routine from a professional choreographer, had an absolutely awesome time, and…. came in dead last. But they were second in fundraising ($25k) and that was really the whole point! Shortly after that, her little brother proposed to his girlfriend so they’re looking forward to a wedding in fall of 2017. This summer she and her husband celebrated their first year of marriage with a Honeymoon 2.0. They returned to their honeymoon spot and were actually able to have a carefree vacation this time. Big changes came next – her husband got a new job so they moved from Knoxville, TN to Augusta! And that’s when, Ariane left her “less than thrilling” job to become a Kru member! She is looking forward to an exciting and challenging 2017 at Kruhu and also hopes there will be another Gilmore Girls revival.

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Between Netflix-binging, movie-watching, and going to Carowinds with her BFFs more times than she can count, Lauren learned a lot this year! It was a year of adulting fueled by WAY too much coffee. She learned about scary things like buying a car and turning 23. She explored foreign lands like Charleston, Chattanooga, Lexington, Atlanta, Nashville, and Tallapoosa! She started her first big girl job at a very cool company….like a reeeally cool company with super cool people… yeah, it’s Kruhu! Although she is known as the office grandma sometimes, she’s still pretty youthful. In 2016, she experienced the magic of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and went to a GA Dawgs game for the first time in a long time. She made her childhood dreams come true by crimping her hair, rocking flannel, and going to a 90s concert with some of the Kru chicks. She finally got to be a flower girl (thanks to Christy)! She even played with dolphins!! The dolphins were slightly overshadowed by the fact that her best friend was proposed to by the man of her dreams… via dolphin buoy! And later this year, Lauren stood by her friend’s side during their wedding. She also married off her sister to a pretty cool guy in beautiful Hollywood, SC this year! She says she definitely didn’t cry at any of these weddings. Definitely. In the coming year, Lauren plans to master adulting but still hopes this is the year her letter from Hogwarts will arrive!

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The bossman had a pretty boss year!  He lived out some R.E.M. lyrics in Philomath, GA.  “If you’re needing inspiration, Philomath is where I go by dawn”. Then he donned his fanciest hat to go accept some sweet, sweet ADDYs with his hardworkin’ Kru. Once the weather was nice again, Chris participated in his favorite festival traditions with the Kru, family, and friends… got to play a round of golf at the Augusta National course… enjoyed a Nashville Threekend…and apparently over-indulged a bit at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival!  It wasn’t just adult fun he was having though – Chris scored some rad vintage Star Wars toys and face-swapped with his son! Yikes!! This fall like many Georgians, he suffered through a pretty bad Dawg season, but he had a pretty lady (shout out to Jennifer!) to keep him company and plenty of other fall activities to distract him. For Halloween, he completely creeped out the whole Kru with his spot-on impersonation of Kip from Napoleon Dynamite…. like a deep level of creep. He quickly went back to his usual rock-n-roll self by the time Billy Gibbons dropped by for a few t-shirts! Shortly after that, he sailed away on the KISS Kruise to hang with the band and discuss future projects.Yep, it was a good year indeed for Chris. So good he topped it off with the first family Christmas card to go out in 4 years!  Now to be #ContagiousandCourageous in 2017!


Oz’s whole year was about Orion Elijah Richardson.



Brooke’s year was certainly eventful! For starters, she decided to switch it up a bit and try out some platinum blonde hair. She did a little traveling this year including a visit to Asheville and a tour of the Biltmore for the first time. She also got to go to the Windy City, another first for her! She traveled to Atlanta for a Chance the Rapper concert and completely “fan-girled”. There were some new additions in her year, too, like a new puppy – well, it’s really her sister’s, but she gets to live with the puppy so that means they’re all family! She also got a new ACL and a repaired meniscus in her knee… Whoohoo!? Not exactly what every girl who just turned 21 is expecting, but we are glad she recovered well. Before beginning her senior year of college, she started her internship at Kruhu which she considers to be “THE COOLEST PLACE EVER”. Well thanks, Brooke, we think you’re cool, too, and wish you the best of luck with graduation in 2017!

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